Wednesday 19 September 2018
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How to Look Good for Less

An important part of business acumen is knowing when to play to which strengths. While you certainly want to impress clientele and competitors with your knowledge and professional capability, looking the part and exuding confidence also go a long way in ensuring your success. Whether you are a courtroom litigator, shark tank consultant, or farmer, you need to dress in a way that garners respect from your audience.

But dressing well can sometimes be a pricey endeavor. And just because you look the part, does not always mean you have the cash in the bank to back it up. But that is okay- you can look good on a budget, too. To pull off looking the part, even if you do not have the cash to back it up, you just need to become a savvy shopper. Some tricks to becoming a savvy shopper include never shopping in retail stores and always buying items on sale, discounted, or on clearance.

You should never shop at a retail outlet if you are on a budget. If you have excellent restraint, you can still go for ideas, to get your creative juices going. But do not open your wallet or purse at a retail outlet. Brick and mortar retail stores need to pay for overhead, and that will always translate to inflated prices for the consumer. Rather than pay these inflated prices, do yourself a favor and shop online.

Even when you are shopping online, it is easy to fall into the trap of paying higher prices than you should. But that’s when you go to trusted vendors who are partnering with experienced discounters. Always go for the best deals when they are available. If you see something you really like that is not on sale right now, hold out and wait to see if it goes on sale in the very near future. More often than not, the item you are interested in will become available for less very soon.